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Group Show

January 13, 2012

Meaning to Glue

Eastern Oregon University
Nightingale Gallery
Laso Hall
La Grand, OR 97850
Monday through Friday, 11AM to 4PM

January 13-February-3, 2012

“Meaning to Glue” is curator Cory Peeke’s examination of 11 contemporary artists who use materials, images and forms which speak to collection, recollection and reinterpretation.

“Meaning to Glue” presents a selection of works by respected Oregon collagists Ian Clark and Tsilli Pines, internationally recognized artists Andy DuCett, Fred Free, James Gallagher, John Hundt, David King, Hope Kroll and Michael Pfleghaar, as well as relative newcomers Robert McKeown and Joshua Stringer.

Collage is about recycling and reinterpretation. The exhibiting artists share an affinity for vintage material, images and elements and they utilize those components formally and conceptually not only for their beauty, but to comment on and explore contemporary themes.  A common theme explored by the artists is the place of the handmade image in the digital era and the duality of the transient, disposable nature of culture versus the need to make meaning and solidify a cultural continuity.

“All of the works selected for this exhibit take the traditional, even old-fashioned, and reconfigure it to create something relevant to us today,” Peeke said. “Viewers will be treated to an engaging collection of works that, while made up of vintage materials, speak to a variety of contemporary concerns.”

The gallery has produced a full-colour catalog to accompany the exhibit, a first for the Nightingale Gallery. The catalog includes an essay by the curator and a selection of images, statements and brief biographies for each artist.

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