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Best Visual Artist

February 19, 2022

I am not one for lists unless, of course, it’s one that I am on. So when I was told that I was selected by this year’s Grand Rapids Magazine Readers Poll as Best Visual Artist I was floored. Considering I don’t show in galleries, play the art prize game, and am kind of old school made me feel pretty good. So the dedication to my practice is being noticed by at least a few who took the time to write my name on the ballot and I thank you.

Grand Rapids Magazine editor Pat Evans writes: “Each year, we entrust our readers with the task of choosing the Best Of pretty much everything in Grand Rapids. It’s certainly not a scientific or fully accurate representation of what truly is the best in West Michigan, but it’s a great way to guide not only the rest of our readership but our coverage. Thanks to the vote tallies, we get a good vibe of where to eat, drink and shop or who to watch and listen to.”

You can see the whole issue online here:
photo by Teri Genovese

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